Reading Journal Entry: The Walking Dead

By in Communication on February 22, 2016

The Walking Dead is a series or graphic novels that were later turned into a very successful ongoing TV show. It is based on a zombie apocalypse and relays the journey of a man named Rick Grimes as he tries to survive. Rick is a Police Sheriff with a wife and son at the start of the series. The show is now on its sixth season. It contains strong anti-hero elements due to the toigh decisions that people are forced to make for their survival and the way in which the unforgiving world effects characters mental states.

Each character in the program begins to show certain anti-hero signs at some point however this is probably strongest in the main character Rick. Rick endures some very testing times and this causes his character to develop into a strong survivor who is able to make decisions quickly and in some cases ruthlessly. At the start of the series Rick is strong and cunning but is also very worried about the well being of others. He is strong willed enough to effortlessly dispatch undead threats but at the same time he put himself and his friends at risl to save others. As people die and he looses his loved ones Ricks personality hardens and he looses his strong compassion. Rick becomes an anti-hero and starts to make many more questionable choices. Rick gets labelled as a killer and sone people dislike him for the things he does but in the end he is only doing these things to survive.

The setting plays a large part in developing the anti-hero theme. The setting of a break out zombie virus puts characters on their back foot as they fight to survive. This creates an atmosphere that seems hopeless. The characters are all put into situations that change them that are all caused by the relentless setting. The threat of zombies and in some cases

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    I like how you identify the gradual degradation in Rick’s character as he encounters more and more grief and is forced to make morally compromising decisions. I also think it’s important that you made the reference that you did to the dystopian setting. This lends itself to the exploration of moral dilemmas in contexts that would otherwise seem contrived.

    Thanks for keeping up to date with this, Peter.




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