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“Ade re” I called as I chucked a bucket of neró on the now cindered hospital. The leitourgía had gone awful and a plan that was meant to be ponirós, ended up with a hospital in flogés. The lack of security allowed the paketo to move out to the next enklimá and still have time to stop the fotiá.
The paketo had now made significant progress on the plan and I had finished my main job, all that was left was to deliver the speach to the plithos pagemenos. I strolled up to the accidentally crafted, rubble podium that was conviniently sat in the center of the plaza. Using the tiny mikró by my mouth I spoke “People of Limasol we are your SOTIRES!”
Obviously enraged a tall man from the crowd screamed out “Lies!”.
Easy pickings I thought. BANG! Diasosi’s sniper crowd control always did the trick as the practically headless man dropped nekrós to the floor. Out of the paketo Diasosi had by far the most violent job but he was a nic-BANG! Another man flew back nekrós and as always Diasosi fired one to many shots.
“Ade re BUSTI!” I called up to his chosen camping spot. No reply haha. Leontos and Aaron had now cleaned up the mess, finished their jobs and were now strolling towards me with a proud smirk on their faces. “Did you find the armour chest in the hospital?”
“Whats so funny, eh!!”
“Haha I don’t want to make you jealous Pedros.” Leontos replied as smug as ever.
“Ade re.”
“Malista” Leon said clutching his cape. He chucked it into the air as dramatically as possible and revealed a suit of mechanical armour underneath.

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    This has great potential – would you be interested in developing it further into a piece worthy of submission for English Lang?

    – incomplete

  2. 2

    I still think this would make an excellent example of “Narrative” Writing for IGCSE Coursework.



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