Hamlet meets up with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who ask him what he has done with the body, he tells them he disposed of it but not where. Hamlet gets angry at his two friends for working with the king. He feigns that the king is only using them, but in the end he lets them escort him to the King.

The Queen rushes to tell the king about her confrontation with Hamlet and she asks to speak to him alone. Once the others leave she tells him that Hamlet is extremely crazy and that he killed Polonius. Claudius becomes frightened at the fact that if he was there he probably would have been killed. He then exclaims that Hamlet needs to be sent to England at once.

Polonius and the Queen converse about the plan for Polonius to hide behind the tapestry and listen into the discussion. Hamlet abruptly enters and begins throwing accusations and insults at his mother. He becomes so aggressive that she fears for her life and calls out for help, this then provokes Polonius to also call out for help. Realising that someone was hiding in the room he stabbed Polonius through the arras killing him. It soon becomes clear he believed that he had killed Claudius and when he discovers the truth he apologises to Polonius remorsefully. He then tells his mother that he had faked madness and he tells her the disgusting things Claudius has done. Then the ghost appears only to Hamlet to tell him that he needs to refocus on the task at hand and stop killing other people. The ghost then exits and he forces his mother to keep his secret between them. He reminds her he is leaving for England and exits the scene.

Claudius talks with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about Hamlet’s madness after being exposed by Hamlet’s play. He decides to tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to escort Hamlet to England. Polonius enters and tells the king that he is going to hide in the kings room to listen in to Hamlet’s conversation with his mother. He exits and King is left alone and he begins to pray and show his first sign of remorse for his sins. Hamlet then enters out of the awareness of the King. He draws his sword but when he sees that the king is praying he decides he can’t kill him now as he will go to heaven.

The King and Queen converse with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about their discoveries of Hamlets mental state. They stay reasonably loyal to Hamlet by only saying that he was sad but they were unable to find the cause of this. They tell them that Hamlet is very keen to put on this play. Everyone apart from the King leaves and Polonius and Ophelia enter ready to start their plan to spy on Hamlet. Polonius directs Ophelia to Hamlet. Hamlet enters the scene and says his infamous “to be or not to be” soliloquy where he talks about whether to commit suicide or live to bear the pain of knowing the truth about his fathers death. Ophelia then enters the scene saying she wants to reciprocate the love Hamlet has given her in the past. Hamlet begins to speak in a mad manner and he tells her that he doesn’t love her because she is a liar. He then tells her to go to a nunnery referring to a brothel, but then changes his message and says that no man is good enough for her. The King and Polonius then come out from hiding and decide to send Hamlet to England.

The King and Queen enter with two of Hamlet’s friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who he requests to observe Hamlet. They reluctantly except knowing that they dont really have a choice. They leave and Polonius enters with a theory as to why Hamlet has become mad. He believes that Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is the reason he has gone to madness, and he conducts a plan to prove this. He plans to release Ophelia onto Hamlet whilst Polonius, the King and the Queen watched on the sidelines. Voltemand comes from Norway to tell the King that the King of Norway managed to restrain young Fortinbras from invading Denmark and instead he is invading Poland. He also came with a request for them to pass through Denmark on their way to Poland. The king vaguely agrees and brushes the letter to the side. Hampet and Polonius then progress to have a brief conversation where Hamlet repeatedly mocked Polonius. Polonius leaves and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern enter. They try to lie to Hamlet about their intentions but he quickly decodes the truth. After a lengthy conversation about Denmark the players then enter the scene along with Polonius. Hamlet then tests one of the players by getting him to recite some a speech from a play about the legend of Troy. He then asks the players to put on a performance of Gongazo with an extra speech added by Hamlet tomorrow night. Hamlet schemes to create an enactment of Claudius’s crimes.

Polonius meets with his servant reynaldo to get him to go and spy on Laerres who is currently in Paris. Ophelia then enters and tell Polonius about a visit from Hamlet where he was a wreck and had filthy clothes and seemed very drunk.

This scene involves Hamlet on the outer walls of the castle after following the ghost of his father. He soon reveals to him that desoite people believing he was killed by a snake bite in reality the king and his brother Claudius killed him in his sleep by pouring poison in his ear. He pleads with Hamlet to avenge his death and Hamlet agrees. After Hamlet leaves the Ghost he meats back with Horatio Marcellus and the other soldiers. He refuses to tell them what happened and forces them to swear they would not tell anyone about what had occured.

The scene opens with Hamlet, Horatio and Marcellus waiting at the place where the sentinels usually keep watch for the ghost. They start off joking and drinking and they question eachother wether it was normal to drink so much and make so much noise.

Then all of a sudden the ghost enters the scene. Hamlet is determined to speak with the ghost but it refuses to speak in front of the others and beckons Hamlet to follow him. Hamlet goes to follow the ghost but Horatio and Marcellus stop him and try to persuade him not to go. Haamlet still persists, and even after further attmeps to stop him by force, Hamlet forces through and goes, alone, to speak to the ghost.


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