They were on to me; any distraction could lead me into their hands. Scurrying my brain for any method of escape I almost killed myself in frustration at the fact that the only thoughts in my head were curses of the most recent government broadcast speach. As I was approaching the American City Market and I realized the fatal reality that if I had any chance to escape it would be threw the croud. I had to loose them quickly, any tactic that I thought of was quickly eradicated by one factor or an other. I tracked back to my time at the academy. I was almost certain my training would bring about a plan. I scoured my brain for anything, a glimpse of an opportunity to get away, but still nothing.

Think. I was sure the harsh conditions, combined with the heat from my jum… My jumper! Laughing at my stupidity, I walked casually into the croud. I stripped of my blue jumper and through it onto the side of the road. Now I actually do feel grateful for this t-shirt from my mum. There wasn’t long left of my journey.

“Next to of course God America i” The thought wistled through my head along with a wave of amger that brought about a deep pain in my left temple. “I love you land of the pilgrims and so forth oh” This time the anger and pain was worse. With all of my stresses this is the last thing I wanted to be thinking about. The speach cont


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