Mmm? I wonder wether he will stay loyal to me or if he will buckle under the pressure of lying to a large group of people. He usually struck me as being a loyal pig, but so did Snowball at the start. In fact we were pretty good friends at the start. It’s a shame really, but he was to vocal for my liking. Well let’s just hope squealer stays on the right track because I can’t end up getting rid of two high ranking pigs. That might even start to raise the suspicion of these less intelligent animals. “Comrades said Squealer proudly I must inform you that the idea of the windmill was originally Napoleons great idea”.I panicked at the fact that they might not be able to understand why I would originally object. My worry was heightened when one of them spoke “Why did Napoleon go against it at the start then”. I started to burn up. I could feel my body weakening. Finally Squealer spoke. “That fellow comrades, was Napoleons cunning”. I sighed in relief.

Young Samurai the way of the Samurai

“They climbed into the boat which rowed them across”

“This allowed him a clear view of the arena”

“Masamoto and Godai finally came face to face”

“Masamoto’s victory was clear and decisive”

“The crowd dropped to their knees, bowing”


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