Sargent Renald was always the best at getting across his point. He spoke in such a sure way, like his veteranism came across in his speach. Even though Renald is renown for his extreme intellect, he still had that savage, war hungry, barbarianism about him. “Well,” he said with his deep voice that seemed to perfectly coincide with the dim lighting that filled the room, “This is the plan…” The lighting turned of and a holographic image appeared above the round desk we were sitting at. Being the newest captain made me very anxious for a few reasons. Being around nine established legends, made my achievements seem barely glorified. This was the minor reason. The main issue was the fact that I was the least valued, which meant that I definitely would be placed on the front lines. I could feel myself crumbling, my outer wall of tough personality was collapsing in on me, becoming an offensive weapon rather than a defence. His voice broke in. “Pay Attention!” In this age popularity is in your war status. Popularity was the most desired feature for a man and men ruled this world. Two days later after a rigorously complex meeting the day of the battle had arrived and as aspected I was on the front lines. I looked into the distance and bowed at the mix of machinery and flesh. I drew my electric katana from the sheath at my hip, and with a sense of sureness, I took out a modified pistol from one of the many pockets embedded into my over complex armour. I made one step to the edge and jumped.

It was within seconds that my first enemy approached me. Katana raised I waited for the right moment to strike. I changed my mind. I through the sword into the floor beside him. As the enemy drew closer, I slammed my armoured fist Down on the floor. His legs collapsed beneath him and my right foot followed through catching him directly in the jaw. His skull crushed, he fell limply to the war torn floor.

After running to retrieve my sword I met up with the rest of my team. I was I charge of the storm squad, the masters of close combat. A large bulk of a man appeared in the distance as the fog of war began to drift away. It was not long before we realised that what was seeing was no man. We were approaching a RBM, a rampaging battle machine. It is one of the most underestimated weapons in the infamous inferno army. It’s cheap to build, being constructed primarily of scrap steel, but this is why it’s so destructive. It’s not the most powerful machine but it can be mass produced in a short amount of time. 11ft tall it seemed to deny perspective and looked as if it was directly in front of us. The rest of my team charged towards it with their various weapons. I came in last. I dived up firing several shots from my pistol towards it, stabbing my katana into its shoulder I swung up onto its back.


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