On Tuesday 17th a South London shop-keeper was saved during an armed robbery. The rescuer was a monk named monk Bocheng liang who is Chinese and worked at the JamYang Buddhist Centre in south London and is a brown belt in jujitsu. “He looked like a normal teenager, and was wearing a suit, he then walked up to the till and took out a gun, it was at that point that the monk ran into the shop and disarmed the robber and kept him in an armlock. I honestly thought I was gonna die!” Said Mohammed Choudhury the corner shop-keeper. It happened at about 3:30 this afternoon and there was no one in the shop at the the time the robbery occurred. The 17 year old robber Charlie Crofts brought nothing to the till and asked the shop-keeper for something from behind the till. “When I turned around he held out the gun and pushed it to my head. He then told me to empty all the money in the till into the bag he was holding.”said the shopkeeper. The monk Bocheng liang is Chinese and worked at the JamYang Buddhist Centre in south London and was a brown belt in jujitsu. “I saw the man and I reacted on my instinct these people rely on fear, and that is what I tried to channel out.”said the monk. “I froze as soon as I felt the gun on my head and if the monk did not show up when he did I don’t think I would still be here now.” The court case is set for march the 16th.

A boy named Peter Croome was chased through Wapping by two adults, for walking into the courtyard of their estate when a car was exiting to collect his ball. The boy claimed that one of the men was holding a stick, but the suspect denies.

Over-All grade: (provisional)6A

  1. Film: 5A – Good awareness of the meaning of the text through the use of voice and directorial decisions.
  2. Timeline: Missing.
  3. Prop: Submitted – discussion pending
  4. Essay:
    • Reading Grade: 6A – Very sophisticated appreciation of the lingustic, stylistic, generic and historical context of the play
    • Writing Grade: 6A – Well structured, with a confident style that asserts itself and addresses the reader with persuasion. Your use of textual reference is very strong and supports the originality of your ideas by supporting them with inarguable facts.

Younger education is important for any child to kick-start their academic life. So for this reason I have devised a question to observe if education for a younger age is the best it can be. Does the amount of paper work teachers have to do, hold them back from performing their best and being a good nursery school educator? “I had to do 13 pages of planning for three to four year olds plus I had to do other stuff like forms to fill in about there levels. There is a need for some paperwork, because you need to be organised and know what to do in the lessons that is fair for all the children, record keeping is the most important, but having to write everything in detail makes the lessons over planned! Also it is hard work and tiring!” Says Margaret Lewis a retired nursery school teacher at St Francis Roman Catholic Primary School (She worked as a teacher for 37 years). It seems to me that while keeping records of attainment and planning lessons is a necessity, however the obsessive amount of paperwork is a hindrance to class time and the level of teaching.


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